If you have the Call2Teams or Call2Teams for Trunks (Trunk2Teams) service, you can administer your service through the Call2Teams Admin Portal.

Access the Call2Teams Admin Portal

If you have been assigned permission to the Call2Teams Admin Portal, you can access it at
You will be directed to Sign-In with your Office 365 account, which must match the email address you are registered with.

Add an Admin User

If you need to allow another user access to the Call2Teams Admin Portal, you can invite them into your account and assign them a role. The invitee must also have an Office 365 account to sign in with.
  1. Log into your Call2Teams Admin Portal  at
  2. Select the Account heading
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  1. Press Invite Administrative User
  2. Enter the Email Address, First & Last Name for the new user
  3. Select the required role for the new user
  4. Press Invite
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