What is Cobweb Cloud Support?

Cobweb’s Cloud Support offering allows customers to receive reactive troubleshooting services, along with configuration and best practice support from our trained technicians. Support is delivered via Cobweb’s Technical Support team and includes escalation both internally and to third parties.

What are the Benefits of Cobweb Cloud Support?

  • Support for user identity, application and security issues
  • Aiding of business continuity with reactive support, troubleshooting & service escalation
  • Office 365 apps and services support for all compatible user devices
  • Get best practice advice and guidance for general aspects of the service, such as configuration changes for mailflow, auditing, cloud storage & cloud applications
  • Access to the Cobweb Knowledge base
  • Telephone and e-mail support available (24 x 7 for Severity 1 Incidents)
  • Remote support provided by us for interactive troubleshooting
  • Reassurance you can get the help you need when you need it, to maximize on product utilization and user productivity

What is Supported by Cobweb?

Support is offered by Cobweb in the form of Incidents and Service Requests. Availability of Support Services are subject to the agreed support level for your Office 365 service.

Service Requests

Assistance with initial configuration for O365 services. Best practice advice and guidance with on-going configuration of a service. Also includes support with provisioning and assignment of licencing.

Examples of Office 365 Service Requests commonly handled by us for our customers:
  • Application – Configuration support
  • Application – Installation support
  • Application – Mailbox setup support
  • Application – Restoring deleted items
  • Licensing – Assignment support
  • Licensing – Purchasing support
  • Licensing - Modify/change user licenses
  • User Management - Password Reset support
  • User Management – New Users support
  • Service Management – Support for adding/changing O365 domains
  • Service Management – Managing Groups in Office 365
  • Service Management – Assigning administrative roles
- Support does not include end user training on how to use, utilize, customize or optimize the software or application functionality.
- Cobweb Cloud Support covers existing O365 in life service implementations. Major changes and/or Service Implementations are available from our Professional Services & Projects team.


Covers the investigation, troubleshooting and remediation of Office 365 issues and faults occurring to products and services provisioned by Cobweb.
  • Licencing issues and assistance
  • Escalation to third party for platform issues or advanced technical issues
  • Incident troubleshooting and remediation
Examples of Office 365 incident support commonly provided to our customers:
  • Application / User - Configuration Issue
  • Application / User – Service connectivity Issue
  • Application / User - Compromised Account
  • Application / User - Data Breach
  • Application / User - Data Loss
  • Application - Installation Issue
  • Application - Mail Flow Issue
  • Application - Slow Performance
  • License Support - Assignment Issue
  • License Support - Purchasing Issue
  • Service - Complete Outage

What are the Levels of Cloud Support for Office 365?

In order to ensure we provide the level of support your organisation needs; we provide three different levels of support; FoundationPremium and Premium+.
All Office 365 subscriptions through Cobweb include our Foundation Support service. Premium and Premium+ Support services must be added on top of this.
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What does the Severity mean?

When you raise a request or incident with Cobweb Support, a ticket is logged and will be assigned an appropriate Severity level. The Severity level impacts the time it may take us to respond to your ticket. Our Support Team will use the following matrix to determine the severity of the ticket:
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How do I Raise a Request or Incident?

Incidents and requests can be logged 24x7. Technicians will respond to severity 1 Incidents and Requests 24 x 7. Technicians will respond to severity 2, 3 and 4 incidents and requests within core working hours - 08:00 to 18:00 UK time, excluding weekends and UK public holidays. If you are raising a severity 1 incident, these must be raised by Phone.

In order to ensure your request or incident is assigned the correct severity, you should ensure all relevant information is provided. Examples of these include:
  • Brief description of the issue including details of setup and configuration
  • Build number, version number, or edition of any products relating to the context of the incident or request
  • Any steps that may enable re-creation of the issue
  • Desired outcome or action you desire from your request or incident
  • Screenshots and error codes/messages to be provided

Phone: +44 (0) 345 223 9000 (select option 1 on the menu)

When Should I Expect a Response?

The response to your ticket will depend on it’s assigned severity. The target response times are defined in our Service Level Agreement. However, we will aim to respond sooner where capacity allows. The Cobweb Service Level Agreement document can be found at

How Can I Find Out More?

The terms and conditions for the Office 365 service are those for all support services supplied by Cobweb - outlined in the Cobweb Service Supply Agreement, found at You can also contact us at if you have any further queries not covered.