Many devices that send emails on your behalf utilise SMTP services to send those emails. If your account is provided through Office 365, you can route those emails through your account.

SMTP Settings

For SMTP, the following settings must be used:
 Port: 587
 Security: SSL/TLS
 Username: Your Office 365 Username
 Password: Your Office 365 Password

Bits to Note

Office 365 enforces TLS 1.2 on SMTP connections. Your device must support TLS 1.2 or later to work in this setup.
The Username must be for a licenced Exchange Online user. If you need to send as another address, you should grant that user permissions to send as that address. Sent Items will be placed in the mailbox of the original user.
If your account is configured with Multi-Factor Authentication, you may need to use an App Password unless your SMTP application supports Modern Authentication.