Azure Reserved Instances allow you to pre-pay for the compute costs of an Azure Virtual Machine. This can offer significant cost savings over regular 'pay-as-you-go' billing. Reserved Instances are most effective on resources running continuously  in Azure.
The services covered by Reserved Instances included:
  • Microsoft.Compute
  • Microsoft.ClassicCompute
  • Microsoft.Batch
  • Microsoft.MachineLearningServices
  • Microsoft.Kusto

Other costs associated with Virtual Machines, such as disks or software, will be charged as normal.

Add a Reserved Instance
To add a Reserved Instance with Cobweb, you will need to contact your Account Manager or our Sales Team at

Manage a Reserved Instance
You can review your Reserved Instance and edit it's settings in the Azure Portal.
You will need to have been granted permissions over the reservation to view it or make changes. If you can't see your reservation, contact our Support Team at

  1. Log into your Azure Portal at
  2. Select or search for Reservations
  3. Click into the required Reservation

Note: From this screen, you can also review the Utilization over Time of your Reserved Instance. Reserved Instances are most cost effective at 100% utilization. 

Add a User
You can use the Access Control blade to manage users who can view and manage the reservation.
Set a Scope
By default, the scope for your Reservation will be Shared. This means the discount will be applied to any matching resources within your billing context. In most cases, the billing context will be the Azure subscriptions created by the account admin. If you need to ensure the discount is applied to the correct resources, you can modify the scope to either a single subscription or resource group. To change the scope to a subscription, you will need to be an owner of the Azure subscription.
You can modify the scope under the Configuration blade.


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