Cobweb CORE allows you to set up automated billing with us either through a Direct Debit or a Credit Card. You can manage these payment methods using your Cobweb CORE Administrator account.

Manage Payment Methods

  1. Login to Cobweb CORE as an Administrator
  2. Click Account in the left navigation pane
  3. Click Payment Methods
  4. Select Add New Payment Method
  5. Select either Direct Debit or Credit Card
  6. Press Continue


You will be re-directed to our Payment Processor to configure your payment settings. Once completed, you will be passed back to Cobweb CORE and your new Payment Method will show.
Please note, if adding a new Credit Card, you will be prompted to pay £1.00 to verify your account details are correct. This £1.00 charge will then be refunded once verification is complete.
Direct Debits may take some time to process, during this time they will show a Pending status. Payments cannot be collected using this method until this changes to the Ready status.

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