Add a Credit/Debit card
We can collect payments securely on your behalf where a Credit/Debit card is saved to your account.  This is done via Stripe who will email you receipts of all payments processed.
When an invoice is generated, we will automatically go and collect a payment for the balance for you.
If you’d like to add a new card, or replace the card details that are already there, please follow the below steps:
  1. Login to Cobweb CORE as an Administrator
  2. Click Account in the navigation pane on the left
  3. Click Payment Methods
  4. Click Add New Payment Method

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  1. Select Credit Card
  2. Select Continue

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  1. The billing address of your card must match the billing address on your invoices. If this needs to be changed, please see ‘Update Billing Address’ guide.
  2. Add your card number, expiry date and security number.
  3. Click Add
  4. A £1.00 authorisation charge will be requested to confirm the details are correct. This will show on your pending transactions, however we won’t collect this amount from you.
  5. The card is now saved onto your account and will be used to collect payments.
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