Occasionally you will need to update your users information on the account. This can be done by logging onto your Cobweb CORE and making the changes.
1. In your Cobweb CORE Panel, click the "Users" tab as highlighted below. This will usually be at the top of the page on the left side.
2. Each users information will be contained in a white box. Click the drop down "Actions" on the relevant user, and choose the "View Summary" option.
3. You will be taken to a page for the user, with their User Settings being in the largest white box. This will show their Name, Language, Access Rights and Email Address. To edit this information, click the Edit button on the white box. 
4. This will then produce the below box, where you can edit the information as given. Once you have input the information, this will update the account. 
5. You can also update the users postal address if needed, by clicking Edit on the Postal Address section box.
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